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More megapixels, same sensor

Olympus is pushing the envelope in high megapixel photography by incorporating some innovation from Hasselblad’s multi-shot cameras. The successor to the E-M5 code named E-M5 Mark II will use pixel shifting technology and multiple shot merging to eek out 40mp from a micro 4/3 sensor. There is some question whether hand held low light or slow shutter images will be affected by the change in technology. Action shooters will most likely be disappointed with the lack of high megapixel photography for fast moving objects.

multishot pixel shifting sensor

Image courtesy of Petapixel.

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Full-Frame Mirrorless?

(image courtesy of PetaPixel)

The folks at PetaPixel have uncovered the latest rumour that Canon will be outing a new mirrorless full-frame camera. With Canon producing their own sensors, I’m curious to see how it will rate against the new Sony A-7R II.

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Simply Awesome Photography moves West

River running through trees

The crew at Simply Awesome Photography has moved West to the Northern Colorado/Wyoming area. We will treasure the experiences we have shared and miss the people we have met in the South but our journey continues at a much higher elevation. Stay tuned for some new photography tips as we explore our new surroundings.

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