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Looking to the skies

stargazingPoint your camera to the sky and you will find a host of heavenly objects to capture. Jan. 26, 2015 will mark the closest an asteroid will approach earth until 2027. Asteroid 2004 BL86 will be about 745,000 from our fair planet and can be seen with binoculars. Astral photographers and amateur astronomers in the Northern hemisphere will want to arm themselves with a camera, telephoto lens, and tripod to record this event.

A digital SLR or mirrorless camera with at least a 200mm lens will suffice in capturing this asteroid blast past Earth. Don’t wait until the night of the 26th to test out the capabilities of your photo equipment. Jan 21-23 will be sufficiently dark to capture some of the brighter stars in the major constellations. Point toward the Constellation Orion, place your camera on manual, set your ISO to at least 1600, use the fastest aperture your lens has (smallest number) and set the shutter speed to 15 seconds. Import your photo into an editing program to take a close look at your work. Adjust the settings as necessary and prepare to capture BL86.


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