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Thunderbirds and Cheyenne Frontier Days

Toward the end of July, Cheyenne is a buzz with Cheyenne Frontier Days. This year marks the 120th year of CFD and it is electrified with rodeo events, the USAF Thunderbirds air show, Wyoming National Guard open house, parades and plenty of evening performances. Here is a gallery from the air show. If you want to save some of the images, select galleries at the top right-hand side of this page then choose ‘2016 USAF Thunderbirds in Cheyenne’. Enjoy.

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Flower and Bee Macro photography

If you are fortunate enough to live within driving distance to Fort Collins, the faculty and students of Colorado State University have a treat for you. The Annual Flower Trial Garden, which runs from May through October is in full swing and boasts a floral cornucopia of foliage. The colorful flowers of this outdoor display are used as teaching tools to determine how the flowers react and flourish in our unique environment.

Unlike previous displays, a majority of this year’s entries are propagated from vegetative cuttings. In past years displays, the flowers were grown from seeds. Cuttings or clones are cut from a mother plant and placed in a growing medium. A move to using vegetative cuttings has been taking place because the clones produce larger plants than seeded varieties.

As an added bonus, the foliage attracts honey bees, bumblebees, and butterflies. Take a macro lens with you for some sweet up-close images of flowers and their pollinating counterparts.

Volunteers from Larimer County Master Gardeners not only transplant the thousands of entries but also keep the flowers healthy and nourished until the August 2nd evaluation day.


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Competition news: Fuji announces the new flagship X-T2 camera

This Fuji is an exciting addition to the lineup of phenomenal Fuji glass.Today Fuji announced their new flagship camera, the Fuji X-T2 (specs here). It’s the first Fuji camera with 4K video recording. The new Panasonic and Olympus new flagship models are […]

Source: Competition news: Fuji announces the new flagship X-T2 camera

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