Who’s behind Simply Awesome Photography?


My name is Chuckie.

I am a former college instructor with over twelve years of experience teaching photography, graphics and website design at the college level. I am also a graduate of the department of defense still photography course where I learned skills in combat camera, photo storytelling, crime scene photography, product photography and portrait photography.

My passion is to teach aspiring photographers the art of capturing images that tell meaningful stories. I also give back to the local community by providing pictures for events and individuals at no cost.

What I offer…


I volunteer as a photographer for many local events and provide the full resolution digital images at no cost with no watermark and no strings. I host all the pictures on my own website and only ask that you consider making a small donation if you have downloaded an image or appreciate my contributions to the local community.


I provide no cost portraits in digital format to individuals and families who are unable to afford a professional portrait for work, graduation, or the holidays.

Photography Instruction

I offer photography classes and seminars which cover composition, light, depth-of-field, movement, and lighting using the features of a modern digital SLR camera. Additionally, I present a myriad of topics at local photography groups on the subjects of light painting, astrophotography, time-lapse, wide-angle macro, on location portraits and more. Contact me to schedule a class, presentation or event.


Digital cameras and flashes have a limited life expectancy and must be refurbished or replaced continually. I rely on donations to replace my equipment and provide my services at no cost.


I am seeking a sponsor(s) or donations to help defray the cost of replacing my current camera, lighting and a mobile printer to provide prints on location.