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How Creative Doubt Both Helps and Hurts Photographers | Digital Trends

Creative doubt: good and bad

This video looks at creative doubt and how it is an important tool and a block that can prevent some from realizing their potential.

Source: How Creative Doubt Both Helps and Hurts Photographers | Digital Trends

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My thoughts on working for exposure (free)

Here is a funny video on how most professionals react when a customer asks to provide their services or products for spec or free.

My thoughts on the subject come from an entirely different perspective.

First off, other than the about section of this website, I do not advertise my services. Like many professionals, I am still honing my craft and use photo shoots to become better. I do not feel as if I have the right to charge a customer while I am learning.

Secondly, I don’t really want to own a “photography” business and would rather spend my time helping others through teaching and providing photographs at no or low cost. This makes it tough to keep funding my equipment habit so I keep my “day job.”

For friends and family, I will work for free as my way of giving back or as a gift. For those in need, I do my best to keep it free or request enough to pay for my gas or equipment upkeep.

This does present a problem for all the paid photographers of whom I may or may not be taking business. It could drive the cost down to the point where they are not making enough money to survive. Or, the clientele with whom I am engaged may not be willing to pay for portraits and may be willing to forgo the pictures.

Agree with me or not, I will continue to provide portrait and event photography services for little or no cost as I hone my craft. When I get to the point where I feel I have reached a masterly level, I may charge a reasonable fee or just relegate my skills as giving back to the community.

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Event photography

If you want to test your skills at sports photography, candid street photography or just plain old portrait style photography, volunteer at a local 5k and you will get an opportunity to practice all three.

I had the privilege of shooting the Zombie Outbreak 5k hosted by the Warren Spouses Club. Lions Park in Cheyenne was a great venue and I was familiar with the course because of a previous 5k.

First, show up early and get candids of all the volunteers helping set up the event. The race director will be the one with her hair on fire and provides ample opportunities for candid shots trying to manage the mayhem. If there is a medal table, try an artsy shot of the medals or trophy.

Second, scope out areas of the course that have some non-distracting backgrounds. Also, look at the direction of the sun and try to catch an area where the runners nor you are staring in the sun. Often times, this is unavoidable but getting runners from the side with sun at your back is optimal. A section of course close to a water stop is good because you can get interaction with volunteers and some of the runners will slow down and allow you a photo op.

Third scope out the start and finish as the race director will want these shot immediately to post on social media. I opt for the low shot at the start line with the shoes whizzing past the start line.

Fourth, run to your go to spot you found in step two and catch as many single runners flying past. Multiple runners result in a chaotic scene.

Fifth, after shooting for about ten minutes, fast runners in a 5k will be making their way to the finish line. Make sure to catch the overall finisher, first male, first female and any other first the race director wants.

Lastly, capture some shots of runners hydrating and eating snacks, laying on the ground or doing some sort of recovery. At some point, the race director will want a photo op with the finishers so find a good location.

Most participants will go through all the pics the first time looking for themselves and people they know. The second time through, they will be checking out costumes or great candids of the event.

Once the event is over, send the pics of the first finishers to the event director then ask how he wants the photos to be delivered. Dropbox is a great way due to the sheer number of images.

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A matter of perspective

On Sunday, I trekked through State Forest State Park in Colorado in search of photographic inspiration. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of some moose or big horned sheep. After hiking for less than an hour, I determined that I chose the weekend of the FJÄLLRÄVEN Classic USA to embark on my journey. Needless to say, I encountered plenty of hikers and campers and spotted only a small group of big horned sheep in my hike.

Determined to seek out some inspiration, I captured a few bumblebee shots on my way to Kelly Lake. The latter three miles of the hike were noticeably harder than the first and required hiking three hours in one direction.

Here are two of the best shots I captured on the hike to and from the lake:

160821-SAP-041 160821-SAP-042

When I arrived at the lake, I was a bit underwhelmed but took a few shots to document my efforts. Take note of the three different perspectives I used to capture the scene. The first involves including some of the foliage with the lake. The second was shot at a higher angle for a more down looking feeling. The third image was captured using the camera’s live view and tilting screen to get within millimeters of the water.

160821-SAP-021 160821-SAP-022

Although none would be considered spectacular, I realized that the venue would be a perfect place to get a shot of the Milky Way.

All in all, I enjoyed some fresh air and exercise.

Enjoy the pics.


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9 spring photography projects

Challenge yourself with a Spring photography project.

Why not make the most of the spring months by setting yourself a photography project,? We have a number for you to try.

Source: 9 spring photography projects

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Vogue Says You Don’t Need a Wedding Photographer. I Say You Do.

It’s true. Vogue magazine says you do not need to hire a professional photographer. It’s 2016, everyone has a smart phone with a camera.

Dear Vogue, I just read your January 6, 2016 article on “The 10 Wedding Rules to Break.” Here are the 10 things you think weddings of today can do without:

Source: Vogue Says You Don’t Need a Wedding Photographer. I Say You Do.

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